Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Red Rubber Bag

Goaded by McNeil, I watched part of THE BIG MOUTH on TCM yesterday. Don't get me wrong, I would have watched more, but I had a meeting. Time, however, has not mellowed my opinion on seeing Buddy Lester in a skintight wetsuit, it turns out. The accompanying still (Mr. Lester is center) barely does the experience justice. The shocking redness has faded here, for one thing, nor is Buddy Lester squatting and looking like, I don't know... a bag of groceries? I don't know. After the meeting I spent several hours thinking about how to "tweet" successfully about Buddy Lester for a hip modern audience of twitter sophisticates such as yourselves, I really did. Then I gave up. Still, I entreat you, and not for the first time, to "click" here for the most wondrously dedicated analysis of THE BIG MOUTH on the entire "internet."