Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quicksand Face and the Space Wolves

I tried to take a picture of Jimmy Olsen for you yesterday, but there was too much glare on it or something. Anyway, old Jimmy Olsen had got himself stuck in some quicksand and pretty soon only his face was poking out and he was thinking, "MAYBE SUPERGIRL WILL SAVE ME... THE WAY SHE RECENTLY SAVED ME FROM THE SPACE-WOLVES!" Yep, that's Jimmy Olsen for you, just sinking away in the quicksand, doing absolutely nothing but dreaming away the few moments he has left. His eyes are closed and he looks so pitiful. But then again I guess we're all like Jimmy Olsen from time to time... oh how I despise myself for "blogging." My other favorite panel from the old comic books I read yesterday was Dr. Mid-Nite getting punched in the gut by a four-year-old kid. Spectacular! First he sees this kid pulling a lamppost out of the ground and thinks he must be hallucinating. But then the kid gives him a good whack. Says Dr. Mid-Nite, "PARDON ME, SONNY -- WOULD YOU MIND -- OOOF!" And he realizes within his thought bubble, "THAT SETTLES THAT! I COULD NEVER FANTASIZE SO MUCH PAIN!" Ha ha, that's a weird way to put it, Dr. Mid-Nite. The way I recollect it, Dr. Mid-Nite used to hang out with Hourman, and even as a kid I wasn't much impressed with either of them. I was trying to describe Hourman (pictured) to Dr. Theresa the other day, causing her to make a bawdy contemporary cultural reference which you will perhaps soon understand as you continue reading and think about it. For you see, in order to have superpowers, Hourman had to take a pill every hour! And he wore an hourglass around his neck to remind him when to take his pill! So his name and his costume and indeed his very identity are based on his weakness. He wears his own mortality as a decoration around his neck! But gee aren't we all a lot like Hourman when you think about it? And now goodbye forever.