Sunday, August 03, 2014

Dusty Old Paper

Aw, this Artie Shaw biography doesn't smell that bad... just like dusty old paper, which is a pretty good smell, actually. I have a vivid childhood memory (ha ha! I am so boring! You can turn away from me in disgust now) of smelling a copy of PILGRIM'S PROGRESS by John Bunyan that I checked out of the public library in Bayou La Batre, Alabama. A smell I still recall and savor! Ha ha, what a loser. The library was shaped like a log cabin... hmm... it was made of logs, I think... I guess it WAS a log cabin... but the shape seemed... ironic? Some kind of statement? Hell, I don't know. Several years ago my brother and I were back in the Bayou and we stopped by the building and it was empty and the windows were smashed. Anyway, I'm just 32 pages in and Artie Shaw has already killed a guy.