Friday, August 22, 2014

Memories of Eric Stoltz

There is a channel running a marathon of every episode of THE SIMPSONS, you know. They just showed the one with Darryl Strawberry, which reminds me of the time I was working with Kent Osborne and Ward McCarthy on our little show we made together and our special guest star was Eric Stoltz and Eric Stoltz and some of his pals were talking about Darryl Strawberry's personal troubles, which they seemed concerned about, and I interjected, "Oh no! Not Darryl Strawberry!" I was being sincere, because I knew Darryl Strawberry only from his SIMPSONS cameo, not having kept up with his baseball career or his personal troubles. Anyway, Eric Stoltz and his pals gave me a cutting look. Darryl Strawberry's personal troubles were well known it turns out! Except to me. So I can see how it must have looked to Eric Stoltz and his pals. Like I was mocking Darryl Strawberry. Far from it! I must have seemed callous, uninformed as I was about current events, "social media" having not yet been invented. But that doesn't mean Eric Stoltz's withering glance cut me any less deeply! Later I compared something to VIRIDIANA and Eric Stoltz replied coolly, "I was going to say THE SOUND OF MUSIC." He was cutting me down for being an egghead! Ha ha ha! And rightly so, no doubt. Then Ward and Kent and I tried to give him a shirt and he said, "I don't wear things like that." Ha ha ha ha! Such are my memories of Eric Stoltz.