Thursday, August 21, 2014

McNeil's Movie Korner

Welcome once more to McNeil's Movie Korner! I know you are nothing but an uncaring lout who refuses to "click" on my "links" but I hope you will extend more courtesy to McNeil, who has provided a couple of "youtube clips" here to ignore at your peril. McNeil wrote to me in an email the other day, "Well, I've stumbled onto a gold mine of sorts...and the death of me, I suppose. Apparently [this guy on youtube] splices bits of old, forgotten 60s movies together and sets them to old forgotten 60s lounge music - and sometimes the original soundtrack. So what I end up doing is looking up the movies on IMDB, the IMDB tells me some are available for see the vicious cycle. [Here's] an example but there seem to be millions... jrrylpz may have surpassed charliespliff as my YouTube hero." And another message from McNeil this morning: "This might be my favorite of the day (so far)... The bartender looks like his twin brother, and I love it when he tries to put the map together - it's only two pieces!!!"