Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Arbitrary Quip Recorded Here For Posterity

GREEN'S DICTIONARY OF SLANG traces the word "stupe" (meaning "a fool, an idiot") back to 1762. You don't hear it that much, do you? Stephen King uses it in this new book, which reminded me! Back when we were having lunch in NYC, Kent Osborne asked the assembled party if we wanted to see the firehouse from GHOSTBUSTERS and then Tom Herpich asked if we'd like to see "the stoop from SEX AND THE CITY," to which I responded, "That's no way to talk about Sarah Jessica Parker!" Anyway, Pat McHale laughed. And he alone! Let me vitally append that my quip was not grounded in any true opinion of Sarah Jessica Parker. She was the only actor from SEX AND THE CITY I could summon to mind on the spur of the moment. My quip reflects poorly on my slow brain and hasty tongue, not on any supposed deficiency of Ms. Parker's, whose name I used as a matter of convenience.