Friday, June 26, 2015

Dystopian Insomnia Trousers

Couldn't sleep so I got up and watched a Charlton Heston dystopian future movie and I was like, "Wow, he made a lot of these! Well, three. But three is a lot. Isn't it? Maybe not." And then, because it was TCM, there was an interstitial piece in which Anthony Hopkins reflected on his brief acquaintance with Katharine Hepburn. He mentioned that she was known for wearing "trousers" and I thought, "Are trousers just pants? Aren't they? Or is there a subtle distinction? Are there some pants that don't qualify as trousers?" And then I thought, "Trousers." I thought maybe I should use that word more often, like, once, even. I thought, "That's a good word. Trousers." Or maybe it just sounds good when Anthony Hopkins says it. Trousers. I couldn't sleep. Trousers.