Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Fondest Dream Came True

I guess you could say my fondest dream came true because I got the two biggest Billy Jack fans in town - Ace Atkins and Sara Olsen - together to watch BILLY JACK GOES TO WASHINGTON, which none of us had ever seen. It turns out to be a straightforward, earnest remake - costarring E.G. Marshall and Pat O'Brien (!) - of MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON! Talk about disappointment. When Billy Jack got mad and smashed a glass coffee table 51 minutes into the movie, the first hint of the real Billy Jack as we know him, we all yelled with excitement! "OH BOY! HERE IT COMES!" I may have erroneously predicted. There was one (extremely distasteful) action scene shortly after that, and then we're back to everybody just standing around talking until Billy Jack gets tired and collapses and unless I'm crazy, the movie just keeps going on without him for a little while and we never see him again. I thought about the All-Red Billy Jack (pictured) and the All-Blue Billy Jack who battle for Billy Jack's very soul in THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK, and I kind of missed them, and I was kind of sorry for all the bad things I said about THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK.