Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I Went to the Restroom

Dr. Theresa and I went to see the new STAR WARS movie today. There was one part where this kid gives a STAR WARS robot a thumbs up and the STAR WARS robot extends its built-in lighter and lights it in a cute imitation of a thumbs up, and I thought, yes, I would've crammed that into my cigarette lighter book, right after the part where Stan Laurel uses his thumb as a cigarette lighter, it's a section about the machine in comedy, doesn't that sound thrilling? Pre-order today! Anyway, I went to the restroom during part of the movie and when I came back I asked Dr. Theresa if I had missed anything and she was like, "Yeah! That guy was talking to Darth Vader's skull!" And I was like, "Was it... alive?" And Dr. Theresa was like, "No!" Like that was a silly question.