Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hand Double

Walked to Ace Atkins's office just now to talk over a SECRET PROJECT we're working on. "Abe Vigoda died," I said. Ace replied that he had just seen the news "come over the wire." Then he told me he had been Abe Vigoda's hand double once... on the Pauly Shore movie JURY DUTY! In the past, Ace has been pretty adamant in his wish that I never tell the world he worked on JURY DUTY. So I made sure it was okay. "My hands were the only ones hairy enough," Ace said. Then he told about how he spent five hours banging a gavel as "Abe Vigoda's hand." "Everybody must have thought, 'I didn't know Abe Vigoda's hands were so youthful!'" I speculated. Ace said that the gavel-banging was too fast for that: his hand was a blur. "But the hair must have read," I said thoughtfully.