Thursday, January 14, 2016


Hey I quickly gave up on THE DEER PARK! I don't think it was Mailer's fault. I think I was all Mailered out (see also). So I picked up a big old stack of comic books. That's where my brain went. I think I accidentally got some of those comic books that are supposed to show how superheroes can be "gritty" and "realistic" for the "in-the-know people of today." But anyway Power Girl was in charge of a superhero team, so there she was in her famously sexist costume, sitting in an office chair behind a desk with a computer and a phone and a framed photo of Superman on it, having, like, a business meeting, like she was an employee of Dunder Mifflin! That's how they made it "realistic." I tried describing this to Adam Muto yesterday and he nicely sat there expecting me to come to my point, but it turned out I didn't have one.