Sunday, January 24, 2016

More Thrills and Suspense at the Grocery Store

Little did I know that I "blogged" about McNeil's grocery store experience too soon... for I was about to have my own dramatic encounter at the grocery store. First of all, people were flagrantly abusing the express lane! But that happens every time. Then the cashier dropped my jar of pickles and it smashed upon the floor, endangering many. There was a period of confusion and hullabaloo before a replacement jar could be obtained. As I left the store, another cashier ran behind me shouting, "Sir, you're losing your bread! You're losing your bread, sir!" And true enough, in all the excitement I was exiting the premises with my bread dangling most precariously! Most precariously indeed! By Jove! This second cashier relieved me of my bread for the nonce and thoughtfully re-bagged it in the securest manner possible. Thus ended one man's emotional journey.