Friday, February 23, 2007

Agent "M.'s" TV Korner: Psychic Twist

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Agent "M.'s" TV Korner, where the mysterious Agent "M." tells you all her innermost thoughts about television. Today Agent "M." writes in to say she has been "in the trenches," but pondering television in her spare time, too. Thank the Lord! Here she is on the subject of VERONICA MARS: "The good news [in the most recent episode] was that Mac overcame her sexual nervousness, which gives us all hope that the same can happen to us, right? And now on to LOST...the question remains: am I becoming a jaded LOST fan? Say it isn't so. Maybe I just don't like the idea of having back surgery or being branded on my lower back. Of course, they make jeans so low these days that at least they wouldn't rub on the brand if I did decide to get one. Over and out..." We at the "blog" must add that there is also an offhand line in Agent "M.'s" recent correspondence, indicating that she has discovered herself to be psychic. To which we reply: "Whaaaa.....?" More on that later, we hope! (Pictured, Sally Field, star of the psychic sitcom THE GIRL WITH SOMETHING EXTRA, which aired in late '73 and early '74 on NBC.)