Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Hey, something happened to me a while back but I didn't mention it because it seemed too "braggy" to go on the "blog." Boastfulness is unbecoming in any medium! But now one of the "players" involved has made it public, so I feel that it is "okay" to mention. You know how I love that show THE WIRE above all others, right? Well, one of the creators of THE WIRE, David Simon, called me up on two consecutive nights to flatter me about my writing abilities and shower me with words of encouragement! Now that Ms. Laura Lippman, who is, I believe, the spouse of Mr. Simon, and a renowned author herself, has written about the incident on her "blog," or what I think is a "blog" (I'm still not 100% solid on what a "blog" is), I feel fine about telling the world that I received (and missed) two calls from one of the creators of the best TV show of all time. You need to start with season one.