Sunday, February 25, 2007

McNeil Regroups

Jeff McNeil says that he has run out of things to say about movies. Therefore, McNeil's Movie Korner, our popular and long running feature, has come to a temporary end. Mr. McNeil, in a statement released earlier today, says that he plans to spend his retirement from the Korner looking up interesting things on EBay. "A novelization of the sitcom 'The Girl With Something Extra' [a former object of "blog" scrutiny] can be had for a buck," McNeil remarks by way of example. "There's a pic of the cover and everything," he goes on. "It is written by Paul W. Fairman, who also wrote some of the books in the Partridge Family series, as well as something called 'The Orgy at Madame Dracula's - The Man from S.T.U.D.' He wrote that under a pen name." We wish Mr. McNeil the best of luck in his intriguing new career! (Note: the novelization pictured is NOT by Mr. Fairman. I hope that doesn't blow your mind!)