Monday, February 05, 2007

I See Celebrity People

It's been too long, friends! But now I'm back from "Tinseltown" and ready to spread trivia throughout the universe, wherever people have "computing" machines in their homes, businesses, and places of worship. One exciting thing about going to the Los Angeles area is wondering what celebrities you will see. You will almost always see at least one! It is never the celebrity you would ever imagine seeing, were you asked to imagine seeing a celebrity. For example, many years ago I witnessed Tim Kazurinsky picking up a bag of breakfast to go. I wonder what Tim Kazurinsky eats for breakfast! I didn't have the nerve to ask. And now I guess I'll never know. Last year, when I was about to do a reading in a bookstore, I saw Vanessa Redgrave buying an atlas! A classy choice, Ms. Redgrave! On this most recent trip, however, I had begun to fear that I would have no celebrity sightings. And I almost didn't! It took all the way until I was getting on the elevator to leave the hotel. Who should get on the elevator with me but Barry Sonnenfeld, the former Coen Brothers D.P. turned director. I overheard him telling his elevator chum that his wife was from Ft. Worth! This is not the kind of information you can get just anywhere. Then he began talking about shooting BLOOD SIMPLE in Austin. He and his elevator chum began praising Austin. "GOOD CHEAP FOOD!" I screamed, to get into the conversation. They agreed that there was good cheap food in Austin. Then we almost got out on the 2nd floor rather than the lobby. Oh, how we chuckled inwardly at that! Just three regular fellows on an elevator! Which reminds me, a few years ago (1999, I'm fairly sure) I scared Marvin Hamlisch on an elevator. I wanted to talk about all the many things we had in common! But that was back in 1999, when I used to be stupid. Believe it or not, I actually had one more celebrity sighting TODAY, before I got on my airplane, but my goodness this "post" is getting long, so perhaps I should keep you in suspense until tomorrow. (Pictured, Marvin Hamlisch.)