Monday, October 25, 2010

Heads Up

The heads are coming! I am speaking of course of McSweeney's issue #36, which is in a box meant to resemble a head. Here is a look at a sample head, just back from the printer. I don't have my head yet, but I hear that heads are on the way. Do you see that book, slightly bent, near the front of the head? I believe (because of the big letters "MO" I can make out) it is my contribution to the issue - an 85-page "abridged novel" called JUNGLE GERONIMO IN GAY PAREE. I am happy to reiterate that JUNGLE GERONIMO IN GAY PAREE is beautifully illustrated, inside and out, by Michael Kupperman. Finally I will say that I chose L. P. Eaves as the pseudonym under which I wrote it. Only later, thanks to his hilarious piece in the most recent Oxford American, did I discover that Michael Kupperman sometimes uses the pen name P. Revess. The two names seem similar to me! But it was just a happy coincidence. And now I wish you a pleasant evening.