Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Little Prince

John Currence is like a divorced dad to me. Yesterday he took me to a football game and bought me a hot dog and a Coke. But I didn't get a balloon! I am not familiar with these "football games" as you call them, so I didn't do it right and the sun literally burned off one half of my face. Yes, I know what literally means, shut up. Later in the day, Dr. Theresa and I went out on the town with Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fennelly. We saw a long, important movie about sour young men sending mean e-mails to one another. Not since Sandra Bullock in THE NET has there been such a timely movie about e-mail! In fact, the only difference is that THE NET had a role for a woman in it. But the saddest part was the little prince who never learned to love. Anyway, I know you are very upset that I didn't "blog" yesterday but that's why.