Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lauren Graham Shoe Expo

These two shows THE GOOD WIFE and PARENTHOOD come on at the same time. Which one to watch? How about neither? That sounds like the best idea of all! But I did see two minutes of PARENTHOOD last week and can confirm my earlier suspicion: it is all about Lauren Graham and a shoe she invented. Why else would it be that every two minutes of that show I happen to catch is about Lauren Graham and her adventures in the footwear business? Last week's two minutes took place at a big shoe expo, and of course Lauren Graham was there - probably demonstrating the shoe she invented - and these two guys were there and Lauren Graham's eyes darted subtly back and forth, expressing this thought: "Here I am at the shoe expo and these two gentlemen are rivals for my affection!" I had no context and she said it all with her eyes. That's acting! Still: neither. I am not going to illustrate this "post" because there are no pictures on the "internet" of Lauren Graham inventing a shoe, but I swear I am not making that up. Or maybe I will find a picture of the little elves that helped the cobbler, you know those guys.