Monday, October 18, 2010

Further Adventures of McNeil and His Monolith

Worried about McNeil. He's got that monolith of his on the brain. He sent an email titled "A-ha!" Have you ever received an email titled "A-ha!"? Then you know it's never a good sign. There was a "link" to an article in that email: "Mars 'Monolith' Fuels Theories of Alien Life." I'm not going to bother you with it. There is nothing about alien life in it. There's stuff like this: "Layering from rock deposition combined with tectonic fractures creates right-angle planes of weakness such that rectangular blocks tend to weather out and separate from the bedrock... It is not that unusual." I think McNeil is just reading the headlines. And wearing a homemade hat to keep out the space rays. A terrible side effect: McNeil mania is spreading! Wishing to chip in, my sane friend Lee Durkee (you should read his wonderful novel RIDES OF THE MIDWAY) sends me a "link" to a "web" site about UFOs... the kind I can't show you because it's on that bad part of the "internet" from which you might never return. And I can't be responsible! The comments section is filled with things like "THIS should convince people those objects weren't balloons" and the evocative if impenetrable "Let's not forget the disappearing village."