Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clowns Don't Come Any Sadder

Boy, I'm really in the mood for sad clowns today! I'm less than ten minutes into THE COMIC and there has already been a pie in the face (as predicted, though it doesn't happen to Dick Van Dyke), a car rolling off a cliff and exploding in flames, atonal music, Mickey Rooney playing a character based on Ben Turpin, and crazy clown shoes with snapping teeth! Plus Dick Van Dyke narrates from his coffin! Clowns don't come any sadder than that, I tell you! When that car exploded in a fiery ball of flame I just had to pause the movie and come in here and share with you. Sorry I can't stay longer, but these sad clowns aren't going to watch themselves! (PS Dick Van Dyke's clown costume from THE COMIC is being auctioned off on the "internet"! There is really nothing that the "internet" won't give you if you ask.)