Saturday, February 26, 2011

Movie News

Look! Here is Manohla Dargis talking up Jerry Lewis (as usual! Thank goodness!) in the New York Times again, incidentally throwing in a mention of LIMELIGHT, one of the sad clown movies we've been contemplating here at the "blog" lately. I hate to keep bragging about how the "blog" is constantly two steps ahead of the New York Times on the increasingly important sad clown front, but I can't help it, those are the facts! In other movie news, I was frightened when McNeil forwarded me an email with the title "TCM Reminder: Nobody Lives Forever." It turns out that TCM was reminding him that the John Garfield movie NOBODY LIVES FOREVER is coming on soon, and not just reminding him that nobody lives forever, which would have been a little presumptuous maybe, and I can't help thinking about the fact that poor John Garfield died young, which is sad.