Friday, February 11, 2011

Your Final Piñata Report of the Evening

I promised myself I would make it to the part of the movie where the evil piñata comes to life, and I did. Let me say first that the score includes a synthesizer playing "Mexican Hat Dance" over a hip-hop beat. I would also like to observe that a couple of brothers (they have the same last name, anyway) apparently directed this movie, which is called PINATA: SURVIVAL ISLAND. They are like the Coen Brothers of evil piñata movies! So I should have seen this coming: after the evil piñata comes to life, it grabs a stick and starts whacking some poor dude. Because that's what we usually do to piñatas! But it's not candy that comes out this time. Here's the dialogue when they find the evil piñata: - "Let's crack it open!" - "We shouldn't!" - "It's a piñata!" - "You're right!" PS Based on the little I've seen, "Survival Island" is a terrible name for this island.