Saturday, February 19, 2011

Skipper Hat

Mr. Ward has come through with my request that he provide more details about his meeting with Alan Hale, Jr.! Writes Mr. Ward: "He not only put up with my request that he call me 'little buddy' and hit me with his Skipper Hat, but he laughed and acted like it wasn't the 5 billionth time some bonehead had asked him to do that. He also laughed at my smart alecky questions about what it was like working with the killer hand in the movie 'The Crawling Hand.' When the shoot was done a crowd had gathered and he happily signed every autograph and took every picture and hit everyone with his Skipper Hat who requested he do so. His wife told me he just really enjoyed being The Skipper and everything that went along with it and had no bitter feelings whatsoever. Bob Denver, though... sad clown." (That's right! Mr. Ward met Bob Denver, too.)