Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'll Go There on a Trolley

Made it part way into MR. SATURDAY NIGHT again. The things I go through for you. I achieved my goal of making it all the way to the Jerry Lewis cameo! Jerry arrives with a water glass stuffed into his mouth for humor [as seen in this still from HARDLY WORKING - ed.]. Then Billy Crystal's "character" makes a "the French love Jerry Lewis" joke. You know how I hate that! So lazy. So lazy, Billy Crystal! I think Jerry gets some revenge. He yells "FRANCE!" really loudly in his Jerry Lewis voice, so hard to replicate with mere typography. How can I express all the disdain for Billy Crystal that he packs into that one word? He is saying, "Oh! I never heard that one before! Wow, you're the greatest comedian ever!" But, you know, sarcastically. It's just dripping with cruel irony mixed with patented Jerry zaniness! A potent combination! It disrupts cinematic grammar the way Jerry likes to do in his own movies, and for a brief moment the story and the process of its making seem to blur and converge as in THE PATSY and many other Jerry films. Jerry - as he must! - takes control. He says "FRANCE! I'll go there on a TROLLEY!" and, babbling, dashes away. I would call it a subversive cameo, yes, that's what I would call it, and it all seemed to sail right over Billy Crystal's head.