Monday, February 21, 2011


This is the time when I tell you about my late-night drifting through the movie channels and what I see there. This time I saw "Blog" Buddy Kent Osborne! Yes, I happened to flip to SCHOOL TIES mere SECONDS before Kent says a line ("Stabbed him in the back!") indicating that he thinks Brendan Fraser has stabbed Matt Damon in the back, figuratively speaking. Soon thereafter there is a big tribunal of which Kent is part. Something dramatic and devastating happens! And then... wait, do you know what "looping" is? It's when you go in and add some audio to a movie scene that has already been shot. So in this case, after the tribunal files out, having handed down a harsh and possibly tragic judgment, the director wanted all the fellas back in the booth so they could add the sounds of talking amongst themselves as they ominously leave the room, having done their cruel duty. And Kent decided to say, "Let's get a cheeseburger!" Hilarious! But the director didn't appreciate the irony and didn't use Kent's line in the film. All you hear in the finished product is some very serious and understated muttering. Well, anyway, I think that story is accurate but Kent told it to me a long time ago and I am probably getting it wrong as usual. (I'm not sure, but that might be the back of Kent's head.)