Monday, July 29, 2013

A Rat Who Owns a Pizza Shop

Now that I am working on ADVENTURE TIME I watch a lot of Cartoon Network and as a consequence I see a lot of Chuck E. Cheese commercials. Most of the time Chuck E. Cheese - a rat who owns a pizza shop - is going nuts and having a wonderful time with all the kids. But there is this one commercial where Chuck E. Cheese locks the place up (I think) and sits in the dark in a certain way - a "folksy" way, maybe? With one knee propped up in front of him? - and talks directly to the viewer, really soberly and quietly, about his "philosophy." Anyway it gives me the creeps. Remember when the guy who owned Men's Warehouse used to rant like a lunatic in his commercials? That was years ago, before you were born. Eventually the marketing department told him to calm down and from then on he whispered huskily until they fired him. Hey I just remembered when I went to freshman orientation in college and made friends with a girl named Lynn who worked at Chuck E. Cheese, and after orientation she took me over there for a free slice of pizza and I thought, "Wow! Life will never get any better than this!"