Friday, July 12, 2013

Thinking About Boom Boom

Strolling past a new (I think) restaurant on the square, I saw that their sidewalk sandwich board advertised, on one side, a "BOOM BOOM CHICKEN SANDWICH" and on the other a "STEAK SCRAP SANDWICH," and that is all, just the names, no descriptions, black magic marker, stark. I am not certain these sound like delicious sandwiches! A "scrap" is something you feed to a dog, for example, and has the word "crap" contained conspicuously within it, pardon my French. Nor do you want your chicken associated with explosions of whatever kind. Speaking of boom boom, I have been watching reruns of THE SOPRANOS for some months now, weeknights on one of the HBO channels. When that show was on the air, I was sure that the theme song talked about waking up with a "boom boom in your eye." Just the other day, several years late, I realized that the character to which the song is addressed in fact has a "blue moon" in his or her eye.