Friday, July 12, 2013

Whoa, Tony Curtis!

Another one of my birthday presents was a book called AMERICAN PRINCE: A MEMOIR by Tony Curtis. Whoa, Tony Curtis! You can't call yourself a prince in the title of a book you write about yourself! Besides, Prince is the American Prince. Everybody is going to think your book is about Prince, Tony Curtis. Kirk Douglas called his memoir THE RAGMAN'S SON if I am recalling correctly. Get it? His humble beginnings! I know you have been dead for a couple of years, Tony Curtis, so I am sorry to pick on you like this. Hey, you know how I check every index of every book to see if Jerry Lewis is in it, with varying results? I knew before peeking that Jerry would be all over AMERICAN PRINCE. The book came out in 2008 and Tony Curtis was still seething about Jerry flicking cigarette ash on his shoulder just before a take in BOEING, BOEING, as a joke (see also). "I had put together a really beautiful wardrobe in this picture," pouts the late Tony Curtis.