Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Blurt Not Blurted

I was thinking it would be of interest to no one were I to continue keeping a little "blog" diary of all the things I almost say out loud but then refrain from saying as I sit alone eating lunch at the bar at Ajax Diner. So here goes! Today as I enjoyed my "Osborne Sandwich," a guy next to me, who had already slathered his catfish in tartar sauce, cried out to the bartender, "Can I get more tartar sauce?" And I almost said, "Ha ha! You are just like my wife! She loves tartar sauce!" But I said nothing. Still, why the impulse to "connect"? Is my emptiness so vast? This fellow could have learned a thing or two from Dr. Theresa, who always asks for an extra serving of tartar sauce preemptively, while placing her original order. This is a woman who knows herself! Plus her thoughtfulness saves time and trouble for everyone. As I ate my sandwich, by coincidence "Blog" Buddy Wright Thompson was being interviewed on the television set over the bar. The sound was muted but his glowing, benevolent presence watched over me.