Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tonight's Back Fat Story

Our friend Larry threw a great party at the Powerhouse tonight. On a big screen, we all watched a French television interview with our much-missed friend and neighbor (and Larry's wife, of course) Dean Faulkner Wells. Before the presentation I was talking to Bill Griffith (who runs Faulkner's house, Rowan Oak) about his favorite show: ADVENTURE TIME, natch. And then we started talking about the scary ghost movie THE CONJURING, which had given us both nightmares. Bill's nightmare took place at Rowan Oak, where he found a pentagram on the floor and tried to wash it off. "Then a demon grabbed me by the back fat," he said. May I say in conclusion that today's ADVENTURE TIME writers' meeting began with me watching Pendleton Ward watching a Beyoncé video. Later, a kid named "Kid President" came into the writers' room - he is a youtube phenomenon with whom I was previously unacquainted. In between we got a really good outline written for an upcoming episode. Really good!