Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Do Look Now

Hey I stuck in a quick allusion to the Nicholas Roeg movie DON'T LOOK NOW when I was typing up the original outline to last night's ADVENTURE TIME episode, "Sky Witch." Ako Castuera and Jesse Moynihan did their usual incredible job and transformed that moment into something even scarier, if you can believe it. I can say no more! Because I don't want to spoil either "Sky Witch" or DON'T LOOK NOW for you... but here's a frame of the scene to which I was alluding, so when you do see it you'll know what I'm talking about. And as I say, Castuera and Moynihan worked a magical transformation, so it's not really an allusion anymore: when you see it, it will be a little secret between you and me. All right! Last night was the first time an ADVENTURE TIME episode I worked on has aired, so I'm really happy. You probably don't care and I don't blame you but so what? Okay you win I'll shut up. Goodbye forever.