Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vegetable of the Day

Stopped by Square Books and noticed that there's a new bio of Alexander Wilson... but I didn't buy it because I no longer wish to think about the horrible death of Meriwether Lewis. Because I recently planted a tree I went upstairs to the nature section and looked up what color leaves are supposed to be. Green. Uh-oh. Then it was off to Ajax for lunch. I heard the bartender tell the guy next to me at the bar that the vegetable of the day was corn-and-tomato salad, and I had an impulse to shout, "I highly recommend it!" But I said nothing (see also). Why? Why so withholding, Pendarvis? I was reading a Tao Lin book as I ate lunch, and thanks to my famous suggestibility I started daydreaming about what a Tao Lin character would make of my repressed desire to suggest the corn-and-tomato salad. It seemed to me like the sort of mental behavior a Tao Lin character would self-analyze. (I could imagine it, but I don't have the talent to set it down properly here.) I noticed that every time the guy took a sip of iced tea he slammed his glass on the bar with what appeared to be unconscious violence. I kept thinking, "This guy is intense!"