Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busted Slats

And another thing about Luke from GILMORE GIRLS! Why would a fancy house in the Hamptons - an area described hilariously in a widespread "internet" summary of REVENGE as "a world of rich caviar and lavish living" - have a ramshackle old porch swing with busted slats? Why, it is ONLY SO THE SULLEN YET SOFTLY PINING BARTENDER CAN, UNBIDDEN, BRING OVER HIS TOOLBOX AND FIX IT. Your honor, I rest my case. Perhaps never so clearly have the writers of the TV show REVENGE revealed their all-encompassing debt to Luke from GILMORE GIRLS. I do not blame the writers of REVENGE, who are probably nice people just trying to do their best. Luke from GILMORE GIRLS is a powerful archetype that has inspired the souls of artists for ages. I could not find another picture of Luke with a hammer, but here is Rory building a house with a fluffy pink hammer.