Monday, October 24, 2011

"We Mock the Thing We Are to Be"

Yesterday I was going to tell you about how my brother went to a wedding (yesterday) at the castle where Charles I got his head chopped off! And Kanye West was at the wedding! And I thought, Kanye West + site of royal beheading = true love 4ever. And then I thought, Well, if I "blogged" about that would I be any better than the New York Times gossip columnist I am always ragging on? So I deleted the "post" before it was done. But as if in answer, this very day in the New York Times the gossip columnist goes to a wedding! And Joel Grey is there! And I thought, Well, my story is a lot better than that. It's not really a story, though, is it? Oh well! Mel Brooks once made a memorable statement on the subject (see above).