Friday, October 21, 2011

Call of the Crabs

Yes! To answer your inevitable question, with the approach of Halloween, Dr. Theresa and I have indeed begun our annual scary movie festival. First up: ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS. The monsters are fun because they look and move like Mardi Gras floats bumping along. I won't say it's the most auspicious beginning we've ever had, but the movie turned out to be entertaining to talk about later - more entertaining than it seemed while we were watching it. In fact, Dr. Theresa and I woke spontaneously in the dead of night and started talking about ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS - odd, because people in ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS awake in the dead of night (and now there will be some spoilers) and hear the voices of their dead friends calling to them... their dead friends who have been eaten by the crab monsters! For you see, when the giant crab eats your brain, your mind goes into its stomach! That's what really happens in this movie. And the evil crabs announce their plans to the doomed band of human survivors: to "rest in a cave" and think up more evil plans! That's really what they say: that they want to "rest in caves" as soon as they get rid of these pesky humans, so they can figure out what to do next. Speaking of eating things, how about this package of Grandma's brand artificially flavored sandwich creme cookies (above) found by "Blog" Deputy Rhea, with its strange asterisked promise of bounty? And one more thing about eating things. My brother-in-law David found a bunch of old pictures that doctors used to hang in their offices to promote good nutrition. Scroll down until you see "Tommy Teen." His head is made of strawberry ice cream and he has a whole bottle of mustard in front of him. Not good signs, medically speaking, which is the point. As David notes, Tommy Teen is wearing a Goober hat, once of such importance to the "blog."