Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Second Thought, Let's Not

Let's talk about the TV show REVENGE some more because we have nothing better to do. I think we're giving up on it. Last night Dr. Theresa said of my numerous dull wisecracks, "I could do without the running commentary." (Yes, the SAME Dr. Theresa who had a grand old time dishing out all the running commentary in the world JUST THE OTHER NIGHT!) But pretty soon she couldn't help herself and both of us were indulging in running commentary. Mostly it consisted of one of us muttering, "This doesn't make any sense." But one thing Dr. Theresa liked was how, every time some revenge was enacted (small examples of it are carried out with alarming frequency), I would shout, "Revenge!" and thrust my arms triumphantly in the air. Those days are behind us, I fear. I asked Mom whether she had been watching REVENGE. She said she tried but couldn't because the main character wasn't nice. And I was like, "Oh, Mom! She's getting revenge!" But now I am reconsidering my hasty words. Look, I know nothing about computers, but the last thing I will ever say about REVENGE is their ideas about computers seem to come from the Sandra Bullock vehicle THE NET, a deficiency they attempt to jazz up with a SOCIAL NETWORK-lite character (pictured; ha ha! look at his pants!) who will remind you of Matthew Lillard as Shaggy in the SCOOBY-DOO movie. (Oh wait, and his belt! Ha ha!) Okay! Goodbye forever! Oh, and the taciturn yet sensitive bar owner who unwillingly becomes the legal guardian of his skateboard-riding sunglasses-wearing younger brother... it's Luke and his nephew Jess from the GILMORE GIRLS all over again! Okay, I mean it this time. Leave me alone.