Monday, October 24, 2011

Thanks, "Internet"

For no good reason I mentioned Robert Mitchum and the lead actor from CRY OF THE WEREWOLF in the same "post." Now it turns out - according to wikipedia, anyway - that they are linked! Thank you for giving me something to do with my life, "internet." I was looking up the actor (Stephen Crane [!]) from CRY OF THE WEREWOLF because his terrible acting made me curious. His mouth would fall open at peculiar times. Turns out his full name was Joseph Stephen Crane, and he was engaged to the woman who was picked up along with Mitchum for smoking dope that time (here is a photo of them going to jail). Crane ended the engagement. Before that, Mr. Crane was married to Lana Turner. How did THAT happen? When I was checking Lana Turner's wikipedia page to find out how that happened, I discovered that Lana Turner was once married to a "nightclub hypnotist" who went by the name Dr. Dante. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THAT BEFORE? "Internet," you have given me much to ponder. Crane's daughter was the one who stabbed Joey Stompanato. Crane quit acting because he wasn't good at it and opened a Polynesian restaurant instead.