Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Old Porch Swing Bit

It's certainly not news to you that I spend most of my time searching for evidence that the sullen yet tenderhearted bartender on the TV show REVENGE is just a big rip-off of Luke from GILMORE GIRLS. Like, do you know what he did on tonight's episode? He showed up at Revenge Lady's house out of the blue, toolbox in hand, to voluntarily fix her broken porch swing. Come on! That is such a Luke move. And then, just like Luke, he had to stand there with his saw or what-have-you and watch as Revenge Lady's rich and handsome date came and whisked her away to a magical evening of romance. Upon her return, of course, that sentimental old porch swing that secretly means so much to her was as good as new. So what? Tomorrow I will get up early and have some coffee and tirelessly scour GILMORE GIRLS episode guides to find you a perfect example of how Luke already beat this guy at his own game, because I don't go to my job anymore. I do this. This IS my job! PS Tomorrow? Hell! Pardon my strong language. But it took me two seconds to find this picture of Luke fixing Lorelai's porch. Are you satisfied, America?