Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Happened a Few Minutes Later

And then a few minutes later I paused the show to demonstrate my impression of the facial expressions of the young protagonist secretly obtaining her vengeance in weekly installments. I showed Dr. Theresa how, every time some vengeance is being wreaked, the actress (pictured) will display a tiny smile, but when someone suddenly turns around and looks at her in the midst of the surprising (to the victim) vengeance, she is forced to switch in an instant to a slightly concerned poker face that seems to indicate, "Hmm, what is going on with all this vengeance around here?" Except I did not explain this to Dr. Theresa in words! I did it through my masterful skills in the ancient art of pantomime. To which Dr. Theresa responded in the driest conceivable tone: "Yeah, she must practice that for hours." WHAT IS UP WITH DR. THERESA?