Friday, March 18, 2011

Index Trouble!

You know of course my deep-seated belief that every celebrity biography (or autobiography) should come with an index and that every celebrity biography or autobiography index should include this entry: "Lewis, Jerry" or else how are we supposed to know how much various celebrities love Jerry Lewis? So I was over at Square Books idly thumbing through the writings of celebrities this afternoon when I came upon a massive volume of Michael Palin's diaries, naturally, because people want AT LEAST 700 pages of what Michael Palin had for lunch from 1981-88 (the years covered in the present volume, I believe). And of course the first thing I did was check for Jerry Lewis in the index. At least there was an index! But there was no Jerry Lewis to be found there, which made me feel peevish and sour. BUT! I was flipping through the pages and came upon (rather miraculously, given the enormity of the book!) a reference to Jerry Lewis that the indexer had forgotten to index! "One of my childhood heroes" - that's what Michael Palin calls Jerry Lewis in his diary (and goes on to praise his "excellent" performance in THE KING OF COMEDY), so then I felt happy again and not so angry at Michael Palin anymore and everything was great for the rest of my life.