Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ironing Sinbad's Pants

Hey! I was at the City Grocery Bar last night, and what should my grad student Bill pull out of his backpack but the very copy of SINBAD'S GUIDE TO LIFE I had encountered in the library coffee shop! He was unaware of my mild interest in the volume and it was merely the happiest of coincidences. Here is what I have learned: Sinbad pulls off the neat trick of blurbing himself! On the front flap of the dust jacket he writes, "My friend Oprah Winfrey has called me 'the funniest person in the world.'" Well, that's a paraphrase, as close as my poor weak old memory will allow. Be fair to Sinbad and do your research! Bill has notified me that the last chapter of the book is entitled "Ironing My Pants."