Sunday, March 06, 2011

Freaking Out With John Lithgow

Dr. Theresa and I caught the end of TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE the other day. By the way, that's what you want to do. Or ideally, you want to catch the VERY BEGINNING with Dan Aykroyd and Albert Brooks, go do some laundry or some other chores for a couple of hours and come back and see the end, which is just John Lithgow freaking out nonstop for like twenty minutes. So we remembered how good John Lithgow is at freaking out. And that reminded me that over on her "blog" with Megan Abbott, Sara Gran is running a Brian De Palma film club. Next up: RAISING CAIN. So Dr. Theresa and I watched RAISING CAIN but we can't talk about it yet because Megan hasn't watched it (again) for film club purposes. Suffice it to say John Lithgow freaks out a lot. RAISING CAIN gave us a great line to say around the house, which we have been doing quite often, I fear: "I know what you're going to do! It's a bad thing and I'm going to tell." You have to say it in a weird voice that doesn't quite match your face. I had another John Lithgow/Brian De Palma movie on the dvr from TCM: OBSESSION, so Dr. Theresa and I watched that too and now we are way ahead on the Brian De Palma film club, though over here it is really turning into a John Lithgow film club. We are thinking about watching BLOW-OUT today, yes, what is wrong with us? We just really like it when John Lithgow freaks out. He is also good at being unnervingly calm and we appreciate that too, don't get us wrong. That's his other thing. I think that's his main thing in BLOW-OUT, in fact. If he is not freaking out in a movie, he is standing there being unnervingly calm like he might be about to freak out. But mostly he straight-up freaks out and that's what people pay their money for, to watch John Lithgow freak out, and John Lithgow gives the people what they want.