Thursday, March 24, 2011

Music Happy

Music is enjoyable! I sent some lyrics to Kelly Hogan to use on her new album that I believe is coming out soon. I thought I was writing a George Jones song, kind of, except not as good, and when I hit the old "send" button I was kind of nervous about it, but then Kelly Hogan sent my words to Andrew Bird and he wrote music for them and Kelly did her magic on everything, which is what she does, and all of a sudden it is a Dusty Springfield song, except not really, I am just saying it went over from what I thought was the George Jones ballpark (or somewhere in the parking lot of the George Jones ballpark) to something like the DUSTY IN MEMPHIS ballpark, but what it really sounds like is a Kelly Hogan song! And suddenly my faux George Jones thing has EMOTIONAL VALIDITY and when Kelly sings it YOU WILL BELIEVE THAT SOMEONE'S LIFE IS BEING DESTROYED through the medium of beautiful music and it will make you feel funny inside. No, you can't hear it yet. Be patient and keep on the alert!