Sunday, March 13, 2011

Look What Happened

Over on the "blog" she shares with Sara Gran, Megan Abbott has been reminiscing about hosted movie franchises on local TV - which are phenomena that used to exist - and their importance to a young person's aesthetic education. It's how she first got interested in Jean Harlow! Well, that started me thinking about Max Goodman again, and all the movies he would show when I was a kid ready to be interested in something, and a number of them suddenly sprang to mind - one in which Mickey Rooney has a pet duck THAT TALKS! One in which a woman has a money tree growing in her backyard. One called BIRDS DO IT which I could have sworn was about Sid Caesar learning how to fly, but I looked it up on imdb and it turns out Soupy Sales is the one who learned how to fly and Sid Caesar wisely had nothing to do with it. Megan Abbott turned out great and look what happened to me. I blame Max Goodman!