Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Shoe Factory Show No Longer About Shoe Factory

I am sorry to report that the shoe factory show has not been about a shoe factory for the past four weeks. Not even a brief peek at the shoe factory. Now it is only about people crying all the time in every scene. So much crying! You probably don't believe me because I can't find any pictures on the "internet" of people crying on the show. Lauren Graham isn't crying in this shot, but she doesn't look too happy either, does she? And trust me, she will probably be crying in a minute, and so will everybody else on the show. Mostly they cry for regular reasons, like how everything is crashing down around them. But one thing is for sure: they are always crying about something. Occasionally, very occasionally, they will cry because they are happy, like when Lauren Graham suddenly discovers she is a playwright and she didn't even know she had it in her! She wrote a whole, absolutely perfect first act of a play without even realizing it was a play! Then somebody told her and she started to cry. I can understand that! I love it when I write something perfect without even knowing what it is, or better yet, when a bestselling novel dictates itself to me in a dream. It makes me feel emotional. Finally, let me say - because I sound so sarcastic all the time - that now that I have been watching full episodes rather than just catching bits and pieces I actually enjoy the shoe factory show, which in reality is called PARENTHOOD, but I think they should rename it SEXY CRYING PARENTS because as the shoe factory plot has fallen by the wayside (and truly I don't miss it because it started being about the wacky new shoe factory owner who confounds all the oldsters with his hip and youthful ways) and the crying has markedly increased, the parental characters, both male and female, have begun to wear noticeably sexier clothing. They just wear sexy clothes and cry and cry! I'm not sure what's up with that.