Tuesday, November 03, 2009

When Movies Had Jingles

Ran into John Currence at the City Grocery Bar tonight. He brought up the film THE LORDS OF FLATBUSH and I think it's safe to say I thrilled him to the very marrow of his bones by spontaneously singing the jingle that accompanied the promo, which has somehow been stuck in my head since 1974. I found the promo on youtube, of course, and it turns out to my rue that I actually had only about 30% of it stuck in my brain... really no more than the very beginning and the very end. My brain had erased "a black leather jacket/ a rumble or two/ and the girl/ cuttin' school/ playin' pool/ stealin' a car," for example. That's a pretty specific jingle! I like how they wedge "and the girl" over the shot of the girl, even though it makes no musical sense. I'm not old!