Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oklahoma Coyote Report

"I was walking out to our compost pile the other day and caught a coyote staring at my kitty through a window. Can coyotes break through glass?" asks "Blog" Buddy Sarah Marine, inspired by our recent possum encounter. As you may recall, Sarah Marine is a recent transplant to Oklahoma, and coyotes are a new thing for her. We don't have them here - do we? - so I can't help her. She says she is going to read a book called COYOTE AT THE KITCHEN DOOR: LIVING WITH WILDLIFE IN SUBURBIA by Stephen DeStefano. Perhaps it will answer her question about coyotes and glass. There is an old story here in Oxford about a deer who went through the window of a beauty parlor. While Sarah Marine still has coyote questions, she has also formed at least one coyote conclusion: "They can chase the neighbor's bichon past my house at 7am while I'm drinking coffee on the porch. I know they can do that," she writes. The "blog" hopes the bichon is okay! The "blog" admits it had to look up "bichon." Here is a picture of what a bichon is, the "blog" thinks. Oh, dear. Yes, we really hope it's okay.