Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Possum Postscript/Pistachio Party

The NBIL writes in to clear up recent shocking possum statements: "I should have clarified in my story yesterday that I didn't willingly allow my mother to carry the dead possum out to the trash. I was more than willing to do it myself, only she was not willing to do let me do it. Probably because I wanted to carry it out by the tail rather than leaving it on the filter." I'm short on time, so what else? Well, I went to a party last night where they had a bowl of pistachios that were ALREADY SHELLED! Pre-shelled pistachios! Can you wrap your mind around THAT? I ate some standing next to a judge, who was also eating some. "Now we can find out what it's like to put 45 of these in our mouths at one time," the judge remarked.