Sunday, November 01, 2009

Frouzy; Blowzy

Do you want to hear about this? Why not? You are reading a "blog." My mother mailed me a small old dictionary for some reason. It may have belonged to my grandfather. He (probably) used a pencil to draw a tiger and a pistol in the front of it. I thought, "Hey, this old dictionary may be good for a laugh." So I opened it up to the word "frouzy," which, according to the old dictionary, means "Fetid; musty; rank." Now I did not recall "frouzy" being a real word in real life and this was just the sort of excitement I was looking for from the old dictionary. I did, however, seem to recall a "frowzy." So I looked that up in the old dictionary, and it means "Frouzy; blowzy." Good times. Good times with an old dictionary. We are going to try to go back to random pictures for a while now.